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Wed Aug 12 20:59:06 EDT 2009

Paul A Houle wrote:
> Ajai Khattri wrote:
>> Of course, you're ignoring the fact that these have little to do with 
>> Java - IDEs exist for PHP too.
>> Personally, I dislike IDEs but to each their own.
>    See,  that's what PHPers,  Pythoners,  Ruby people always say...  I 
> did a lot of Java from 1996 to 1999 and then gave up on it for PHP.  
> Recently I had to finish a GWT/J2EE app  that somebody else started,  
> and Eclipse/Java opened my eyes.
>    Eclipse/PHP doesn't do anything vi doesn't do,  except it has two 
> buttons you can click on to start and stop your web server.  Woooo...  
> I'm so impressed.  All you get from Eclipse/PHP is increased startup 
> time.  No wonder why PHPers think Eclipse is worthless,  because 
> Eclipse/PHP ~is~ worthless.  Eclipse has seriously damaged it's brand 
> by coming out with shovelware products for PHP,  Ruby,  Python,  etc.  
> They really ought to be like the Apple App Store and ban that stuff so 
> people realize that Eclipse/Java is cool.
>    Eclipse/Java does something different from every other Eclipse/X 
> I've seen.  It parses your code,  understands something about it,  and 
> helps you.  For instance,  if you write
>    objectInstance.AMethodThatDoesNotExist()
>    a little symbol appears on the side of the screen:  click on it and 
> it will offer you choices:  for instance,  it will correct typos if 
> you type something that is almost like an existing method.  You can 
> create the method with one click,  or you can change the access level 
> of the method if you're not currently allowed to access it.  The UI is 
> good enough that it feels like a help,  not a hindrance.  The IDE 
> highlights methods and variables that don't get used;  there are at 
> least 20 different automated refactorings that make changes (like 
> pushing methods up & down a class hierarchy or renaming methods) 
> automatically.  Yes,  you can just click on the definition of a 
> method,  class,  or variable,  type in a new name,  and it gets 
> changed everywhere...  In seconds,  without ever making mistakes.  All 
> of that helps compensate for the additional artifacts that you need to 
> write Java.
>    Eclipse/Java also has a debugger that ~works~.  There are a lot of 
> reasons for it,  but I've never been able to build a PHP debugging 
> system with a PHP IDE that really works.   No more having debugging 
> "echo" statements winding up in production code...
>    Visual Studio/C# is maybe 50% as good as Eclipse/Java,  and the 
> ReSharper product from JetBrains gets it up to 90%.
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