[nycphp-talk] Making text hard to copy

tedd tedd.sperling at
Sat Aug 7 09:54:03 EDT 2010

At 3:44 AM -0500 8/7/10, Anthony Papillion wrote:
>You're right, Ed. It's impossible to prevent someone who wants a
>screenshot from getting one. Someone intent on copying information
>will do it, even if they have to take a picture of the screen or hand
>copy the material.
>The goal of this project is just to make it harder for the "average"
>enterprise use from copying information.


You might investigate placing a transparent image over the text 
making it harder to copy.

Here's a working example of how I did that to protect an image from 
being easily copied.

Granted, it doesn't stop everyone, but it does slow them down.




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